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Safe and sound on the wall in a designer house in Long Island, NY.  Just click the image above for link to the artist!

     Packed art in Big Box by Jim is ready to ship.  The guard dog is Mimi, a little "frenchie", an art lover!

See a Rolls Royce driven across a corrugated cardboard bridge. 
Jim, your Custom Box Designer and Builder, was the Product Specialist for triple wall corrugated cardboard at that time.



Customer Testimonials

Zebra by MCS Design in Ashland VA on Richardson Road
How do you ship a Zebra? Very carefully! Click image to learn about who made this Zebra!

What a creative artist has to say about Big Boxes ...

How to ship a valuable new oil painting.

     Big Boxes is an integral part of my business.  I ship valuable art all over the country.  My utmost concern when shipping is that the paintings arrive to my clients in perfect condition.  Ray customizes every box to each individual painting that I am shipping.  No matter how rough the shipping companies are with his boxes, they arrive to my clients in pristine condition.

    The quality, reliability and dependability of Ray and his Big Boxes is exceptional-- the best of the best.  I highly recommend him for any of your custom box and shipping needs!


     Lindsay Cowles, Creative Original Paintings for Astute Collectors


P. S. The picture is a custom Big Box by Ray without the top of it on.  This is the custom box that we had built to send an original painting from Richmond, Virginia to California.  The painting was still wet, so a custom cover was made to fit between the canvas and the frame so that nothing would touch the surface of the painting.  Then, we placed the painting in an extra large two piece Big Box.  The construction of this had to be precise and it was perfect the first time we tried!  The painting arrived to the collector in perfect condition...and the painting was fully dry by the time it got there!

     "We've always been able to count on Big Boxes to come through for us, even with the most unusual shipping criteria (and there have been many!).  Many times we have had emergency rush jobs, and Big Boxes gives us first class service every time.  If you have a tough or unusual job...they are the go-to company."    Vicki