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Custom box in a box!  Corrugated box in a custom made wood crate for a very valuable and fragile content.

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WE MAKE CUSTOM BOXES (and crates too):


     Custom design and fabrication of your shipping box or container assures that the assembled box is just right for the application.  We specialize in very small quantities (no minimum and usually 20 or fewer boxes of the same size).  As your local source, we deliver within the next day or two after you order.


     Since we specialize in one-of-a-kind custom made, heavy-duty, big corrugated boxes, and make only very small quantities, we do not use expensive industrial production equipment.  Also we do not use special cutting dies and have equipment set-up fees. 


     Fabrication and delivery is scheduled based on your need and timing.  Short production runs allows avoidance of maintaining an inventory of unused boxes.  Being local, we can expedite rush jobs.  For a pleasant surprise, discover the affordability of our custom box services.


     By using custom made boxes, you will avoid wasted space in oversized standard boxes for your content.  This can save you delivery charges that are based on size rather than weight.


     The careful professional design by Big Boxes for your unique contents may include consideration of factors such as:


1.  Minimizing the common hazards in shipping logistics: vibration, abrasion, sudden shock, crushing, moisture, stacking and puncture.

2.  Careful selection from dozens of fabrication designs from the most basic to quite complex.

3.  Choosing proper cushioning for your specific content, with special attention to details for fragile items.

4.  Making a choice for dimensions: inside fit for contents, or outside fit for a pallet and handling machinery.

5.  Crafting the box in accord with gross weight limits.

6.  Minimization of packing material and shipping costs in boxes that are too large.

7.  Consideration of the need to be able to safely and easily open the box and not damage the contents during opening and removal from the box.

8.  Fabrication materials selection in accord with applicable certification standards.

9.  Assembly of the final box to meet the size and packaging standards expected by the freight shippers and delivery companies.  If their standards are not met, they will not accept liability if your item is damaged while in their care.  Put another way: “You must be able to put your item on their counter packed in such a way that they will accept liability if it gets damaged.”


     Let Big Boxes be your expert source for the technical aspects of corrugated cardboard selection, design of the carton, assembly and quality control.  The Internet is replete with technical information that may otherwise be an unnecessary challenge. 


     Let us know your questions and we will gladly provide the answers.  Some of the usual questions are answered on the Question Answered (FAQ)  page.



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