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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)



1.  Is there an upper limit on the size of a custom made box?  In general, imagine having to get the item through the front door of a house, or into a single car garage.  That will provide you with a general frame of reference.  The largest practical size, depending on the weight of the packed item, is 20 feet by 8 feet by 8 feet (image fitting the finished box into an eighteen wheel tractor trailer truck).


2.  What is the normal practical upper limit on the size of custom made boxes and crates made by Big Boxes?

Upper limit on corrugated box size:  200” x 60” x 57” (16’ x 5’ x 4.5’).
Upper limit on wooden crates:  48” x 48” x 48” (4’ x 4’ x 4’).

We might custom make larger crates and boxes depending upon the specifics of the item, so feel free to inquire!


3.  What is the upper size limit imposed by the package delivery companies?  This is subject to periodic change.  Just use the following links to the dominant shipper’s size and weight limit guidelines:

You might also contact your local trucking companies for more insights:  and key word: trucking companies

For a printable summary table of standard maximum weight and size standards for single wall and double wall corrugated cardboard, including the Mullen Burst Test and Edge Crush Test minimums, click on the PDF icon below:


When your item requires exceptions to these standards, call Big Boxes for our creative custom packaging solution to the challenge.


4.  Will you pack items?  Yes.  This is a full-service feature and is quoted specifically for your unique requirements.  Insurance fees are added based on your declared value of the contents.  If you bring the item to our location, we will create a custom heavy-duty carton and pack it with the best choice of filler, foam and wraps.  If appropriate, we can come to your location with your custom build box, and pack it there.  Then we will arrange conveyance to a package or freight delivery company.


5.  What is the Green Policy of Big Boxes?  We use recyclable materials and design options to minimize waste of materials and optimize shipping space for the ultimate safe storage and shipping of contents.  All of our boxes are recyclable and are always American made.


6.  Do you supply standard boxes and container?  We can by purchasing them wholesale and selling them to you retail.  We would add shipping and handling costs, sales tax, etc.  In general, you will be encouraged to deal directly with the on-line commodity box providers, local consumer DIY moving companies or local used box recyclers.


7.  What are commodity boxes?  Common commodity categories include moving or storage containers like “Pods®” (portable on-demand storage containers), moving boxes, bankers or file boxes, wardrobe boxes.  Use our services when a commodity box will not serve your needs.


8.  What are the basic options for custom making boxes? Big Boxes custom-made containers come in all large sizes and shapes.  We have approximately 15 different basic designs. The most commonly used fabrication designs and descriptive names are illustrated by the photographs of some of our custom boxes.  For more insights about the different type of box names, CLICK HERE.


9.  What are the SEALING METHODS typically used for assembly and closure of Big Boxes?


     Reinforced water activated gummed tape
     Pressure sensitive shipping tape
     Pressure sensitive filament tape
     Hot melt adhesive
     Water based adhesive
     Strapping bands
     Shrink wrap
     Stretch wrap

     Fillers, including inflatable air bags.


     Use the expertise of our professional package designers pick the right sealing methods for your custom box, carton and/or crates!


10.  Still have questions?  Why not call us right now?

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We make wood crates and boxes too.
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