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Corrugated Box Types, Names and Components, List

     When you are looking for assistance with your packaging, shipping and storage challenges, you might find the following list that is reflective of the descriptive language used in our business:


Big Boxes
Boxes Heavy-Duty
Bulk Cargo Boxes
Cardboard Boxes for Shipping
Chipboard Pads
Combo Packs
Corrugated Fiberboard Crates
Corrugated Box
Corrugated Boxes
Corrugated Fiberboard Shipping Containers
Corrugated Layer Pads
Corrugated Sheets
Corrugated Sheets and Pads
Corrugated Sheets Heavy-Duty
Corrugated Trays
Custom Built Appliance Boxes
Custom Built Big Boxes
Custom Built Boxes
Custom Built Furniture Boxes
Custom Built Huge Boxes
Custom Built Large Boxes
Custom Built Large Furniture Boxes
Custom Built Shipping Boxes
Custom Heavy Duty Cargo Boxes
Custom Heavy Duty Tote Boxes
Custom Made Appliance Boxes
Custom Made Big Boxes
Custom Made Boxes
Custom Made Cardboard Boxes
Custom Made Large Gift Boxes
Custom Made Huge Boxes
Custom Made Large Boxes
Custom Made Mailing Boxes
Custom Made Packaging Boxes
Custom Pallet Size Boxes
Custom Pallet Size Crates
Custom Pallet Size Heavy Duty Boxes
Custom Pallet Size Heavy Duty Crates
Custom Size Appliance Boxes
Custom Size Big Boxes
Custom Size Huge Boxes
Custom Size Large Boxes
Custom Tote Boxes
Custom-size Corrugated Shipping Boxes
Deluxe Moving Boxes
Deluxe Packing Boxes
Double Wall Boxes Heavy-Duty
Double Wall Corrugated Sheets
Double Wall corrugated Shipping Boxes
Doublewall Corrugated Sheets
Frame Protectors
Freight Boxes
Furniture boxes
Gaylord Containers
Heavy Duty Corrugated Boxes
Heavy Duty Corrugated Shipping Boxes
Heavy-Duty Boxes
Heavy-Duty Corrugated Sheets
Heavy-Duty Double Wall Boxes
Heavy-Duty Multi-Depth Boxes
Heavy-Duty Single Wall Boxes
Heavy-Duty Storage Boxes
Insulated Box Liners
Insulated Shipping Containers
Insulated Shipping Containers & Supplies
Large Corrugated Shipping Boxes
Large-sized Boxes
Long Boxes
Master Boxes
Master Cartons
Multi-Depth Boxes
Multi-Depth Boxes Heavy-Duty
Museum Corrugated Boxes
Oversize Boxes
Packaging Products
Pallets (when integral part of design)
Pallet Paper, Anti-Slip
Retention Packaging
Self-Seal Side Loading Boxes
Sheets and Pads
Shipping Cartons
Shipping Corrugated Boxes
Side Loading Boxes
Single Wall Boxes Heavy-Duty
Super Shippers
Tall Boxes
Telescoping Boxes
Telescoping Gaylord Containers