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Ray Stopper

Who would drive a Rolls Royce across a corrugated cardboard bridge?  Who would stand under that bridge when the Rolls Royce is on it?  In the '70's, a Super Bowl ad presented the answer. 
Click the Rolls Royce below to see the ad (click the little triangle on bottom of screen that comes up to start ad).
Ray was a product specialist for triple wall corrugated cardboard. This Super Bowl ad was created to demonstrate the strength of this material as it was being introduced by St. Regis paper many decades ago. Ray still makes stong Big Boxes! Call today to learn more. To see the ad, click on the Rolls Royce in the picture above

About Us

Ray’s Mission:

     To custom make and deliver small orders of large corrugated boxes and wood crates assembled and ready for the reliable shipping and storage of valuable contents.

Ray’s Core Values:

     Integrity.  Trust.  Quality.  Excellence.  Ingenuity.   Innovation.

Ray’s  Vision:

     To be the one-source and first-choice creator of practical and economic solutions for the almost impossible packaging and shipping problems for valuable contents.
Our Founder and History:

     The roots of are based on the expertise, background, experience and education of the owner – and Chief Box Engineer, Ray Stopper.  

     Starting in 1972 in heavy duty packaging, he now has more than four decades of practical experience in the logistics industry as a packaging engineer.   He is an alumnus of James Madison University, Harrisonburg, Virginia, with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing.

     Ray is a perfectionist when it comes to customer service.  His focus is on markets that need custom corrugated big boxes.  This builds upon his decades of meeting challenging situations as a market development professional.  His expertise and niche is on the creation, fabrication and assembly of heavy duty corrugated packaging systems for bulk, large and valuable contents.

     He conceptualized the company, Big Boxes, in 2001 and formalized operations in March 2002.  The company and fabrication facility is located on large acreage that is adjacent to a rural residence on the outskirts of Richmond, Virginia.

     Ray has a partner, Karen Bruce, and a network of associates that assist with the day-to-day cyclical nature of the custom corrugated box design and construction business.  
Geographic Areas Usually Served:

     We serve valued customers from Richmond, Virginia and its surrounding areas:  Hanover, Henrico, Caroline, Chesterfield, King William, King & Queen, Charles City, New Kent, Goochland, and Ashland, Virginia.  

     Upon request, we can serve approved customers in Petersburg, Colonial Heights, Hopewell, Fredericksburg, and Williamsburg regions.

Procurement Codes:


The applicable NAICS and SIC codes for the services and custom products provided by Big Boxes include:


SIC  511318 Boxes - Corrugated & Fiber (whls)
SIC  265301 Corrugated & Solid Fiber Boxes (mfrs)
SIC  478301 Packing& Crating Service
SIC  511308 Packaging Materials - Wholesale
SIC  244905 Cargo & Freight Containers (mfrs)
SIC  511335 Packing & Crating Materials (whls)
SIC  244101 Boxes - Wooden - Manufacturers
SIC  508555 Boxes - Wooden (whls)
SIC  244998 Wood Containers NEC (mfrs)
SIC  511307 Boxes - Specialty & Fancy (whls)
SIC  265702 Boxes - Specialty & Fancy - Manufacturers


NAICS 322211 Corrugated & Solid Fiber Box Mfg
NAICS 488991 Packing & Crating
NAICS 322219 Other Paperboard Container Mfg
NAICS 321920 Wood Container & Pallet Mfg
NAICS 321999 All Other Miscellaneous Wood Product Mfg
NAICS 322299 All Other Converted Paper Product  Mfg
NAICS 424130 Industrial & Personal Svc Paper Merchant Whlsrs


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