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        Custom Hand-Crafted Corrugated Boxes and Crates
                  Call Us When “It” Is Valuable and Too Big To Fit!


    Do you need replacement boxes for artificial Christmas Trees and decorations, or storage boxes for other events like Easter, Halloween, July 4th, birthdays, weddings or other special situations?
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     Use our decades of solid experience.  Let us custom-make a tough, durable and reliable packaging solution tailored to your unique need.  Click picture below to see it boxed!
Clear Glass Sculpture.
Air Compressor (heavy)!
Zebra going into a custom Big Box
Even Zebras! (click image for more)
Podiums Need Boxes Too

Fragile, bulky, heavy? 

Use custom boxes!

Big Boxes Home

     Do you want your valuable item to be safely protected by its container when you ship or store it?

     When standard or home-made boxes just will not work, call Big Boxes.  Use us for what we do best:
1.  Design your container,

2.  Specify the best choice of corrugated cardboard,
3.  Cut and assemble your custom carton, and

4.  Deliver it, ready to use, to your location

     The artisans at Big Boxes use excellence as their quality measure.  They use decades of experience to be cost-effective.  In addition to using premium wrapping tape, they know when to assure the durability and stability of your container by using glue, staples or stitching.

Special Delivery Service Available, Ready To Pack!

If you wish, we can guide the final packing of your content.  We take pride in providing your contents with a perfect and safe fit.


Entrust your packaging challenges to Big Boxes.  

Enjoy peace of mind!


Artists, picture frame makers, sign makers, and more like

Big Boxes by Ray.  See more applications: CLICK HERE.

How do you box palm trees for shipping?  Get Ray Today:
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